Sadistik announces his “Altars” tour

A hip hop artist that I recently discovered has announced that he’ll be doing a small tour of the west coast. He named the tour “Altars”, after his latest LP. Tour is drawing to a close, so you might want to pick and city and hurry on to one of the events.

Alongside Sadistik you’ll see other great musicians such as Nacho Picasso and Rafael Vigilantics. I sure hope that you’ll be able to catch one of these shows because even though I only recently discovered Sadistik, his songs are very deep and emotional. I’m sure that the live shows are pretty epic.

Sadly I’m no where near close to the available venues, so I won’t be attending any of the shows. But if you’re close then I definitely recommend that you give Sadistik a shot, because he’s awesome. Have a listen to this short clip of his live show and tell me that you don’t agree.