Remembering the greats – Eyedea

Eyedea was a musician, rapper and a poet from Saint Paul, Minnesota. On stage he was also known as Oliver Hart. His real name was Micheal David Larsen. He was considered a pioneer in the freestyle rap battle arena.

Eyedea made his hip hop debut in the early 2000s when he won several prominent freestyle rap battle. One of the competitions that he participated in was sponsored by HBO and hosted by the one and only KRS-One. After winning the competition Eyedea was even offered a record contract with a record company owned by P.Diddy. He refused the offer and went on to work with an up and coming underground record label called the Rhymesayers.

One of the most known songs by Eyedea is the track “Paradise” that he made with his long time musical partner DJ Abilities. The two formed a duo called Eyedea & Abilities. Sadly in 2010 Eyedea past on in his sleep. We are however left with a huge legacy in music and Eyedea will never be forgotten as long as there’s music. Thank you for everything and may you rest in peace.