Hip hop photos – blast from the past

I’ll be doing a series of postings of small photo galleries. They’ll be posted randomly every now and then, as a break for me from my regular posting schedule. Hunting down photos of classic hip hop scenes, when you didn’t have everything on a laptop or on a stick or whatever medium is used now, is my favorite pass time activity. We’re talking time when you need to manually mix records, tapes, instead of doing everything in a computer application.

I know that I know sounded like some kind of caveman, but you have to appreciate how more social things were. You needed to get out and physically interact with other best makers in order to get new sounds for your track.

Nowadays everything is posted online, on streaming services, sound clouds, this and that social sharing site, etc. It seems a bit alienating when I think of how things used to were. Not that there aren’t advantages to the way modern scene works. You can get beats from the other side of the world. It’s just, you lose the possibility of engaging in people face to face, the social aspect of hip hop, which is how it all started all those years ago. Anyway, hope you liked these. I’ll post more interesting shots in the future with my little rants. Peace.